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24/7 Emergency Service Form

24/7 Emergency repair for Garage Doors 

24/7 Emergency Service for Garage Doors

Emergency service is there for you anytime you need to secure your property, have an issue with your garage door not operating correctly, or your door will not open leaving your automobile stranded inside. Please fill out a service request at the bottom ofthis page as well as calling us to service you as soon as possible. 

Emergency Rates & Promotions 


24/7 Emergency Service comes at a higher rate than normal service hours. The Hourly rate for an emergency call is :

Residential = $110/Hour

Commercial = $175/Hour 

The Emergency service rate is also subject to a travel charge to those customers whom are more than an hour drive away not to exceed $50. Any and all 24/7 Emergency service customer's are eligible to purchase a "Preventative Maintenance" agreement at discounted rate and in fact may even be free at time of original emergency service call. 24/7 Emergency repair