The MAX series is the latest universal LiftMaster option for all current and previous LiftMaster - Craftsman - Chamberlain models.

Electric Opener Accessories

We have multiple options of operator types by every manufacturer. What ever type of application you require weather its a rolling sheet door, rolling steel and/or fire door to a standard sectional door we have light duty to heavy duty operators to suit your needs. We also have multiple options for your entry gates to your facility or parking lots. If you got a gate to a private residence we got you covered too just contact us to see what Delmarvalous can do for you.

Keypad = $50.00  and Remotes = $45.00

Model 8550 Belt Drive Battery Back-up

*Sale* Keypad = $25.00  and Remotes = $15.00

Model 8155 1/2 HP Belt Drive

Model 8165 1/2 HP Chain Drive

 Phone : (302)-200-2001

Residential Side Mount Jackshaft 

The Security+ series is most popular and compatible with LiftMaster - Craftsman - Chamberlain models with the "Purple" learn button and frequency antenna

Electric Openers