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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Plans start as low as $95 dollars. Each plan is customized to your specific job and household. Preventative maintenance plans consist of 2 yearly scheduled visits to inspect and lubricate all moving parts. We inspect every inch of your garage door from ceiling to floor. We inspect and adjust any aspect of your electric operator to ensure your garage door is operating smoothly which will result in all around longevity of your existing products. Preventative Maintenance customers also receive an additional 15% off all parts special ordered or stock. Every garage experiences broken and/or worn parts, save money when the time comes to fix or replace your garage door and/or operator.

Residential Plans

We inspect ALL safety aspects of the door to make sure your safe and your home would pass current codes for resale. This spring assembly has no safety cables in case of a spring break there is no safety measure to keep it from shooting across the garage causing possible injury and damage to you and your vehicle.

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